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Monday 12 May 2014

Customising SharePoint 2013 People Search Result

Customising SharePoint 2013 People Search Result

1.       Copy an existing Display Template for People residing at Master page and page layouts gallery under Display Templates\Search\Item_People.html

2.       Name it whatever you want. For instance Item_KI_People.html

3.       To check the exact name of the field you are adding to ManagedPropertyMapping, go to your Search Service Application and click on Search Schema and view the property name of your desired property as shown below:


4.       Edit Item_KI_People.html file in your notepad and add following highlighted/boxed text:


5.       Upload as Item_KI_People.html and provide value for the metadata as shown below image:


6.       Navigate to Site Settings > Result Types

7.       Click on existing Person result type and select Copy

8.       Provide values as shown in image:

9.       Click Save.

10.   Now go to http://kispapp-dev:8080/Search/Pages/peopleresults.aspx?k=masood and replace kispapp-dev:8080 with your site hosting search center.

11.   Edit peopleresults.aspx page

12.   Edit People Search Core Results web part and select your desired Item Display Template shown in below image:

13.   Click OK and perform search and you would see new changes as shown below:

14.   That’s it. Enjoy and comment if it helped you save your time.

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