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Thursday 20 March 2008

Adding Custom Field in People Search Result


This is my first post. My intension is to share the knowledge whatever I know about SharePoint.

Today I am going to present you how we can add searching feature for people for custom field. For example I want to search people of a specific division. So I am going to write down the steps to add division field in people search feature.

Before adding this field to the SharePoint, you have to make sure the existence of it in the Active Directory.

If you don’t have that field either you have to create or use any other field. My network admin told me that he is not going to create new field for the user in the Active Directory so I planned to use the “description” field as “division” J

Follow these steps:

Open Central Administration site
Go to you desired shared service site. For instance SharedServices1
Go to User profile and properties link
At the bottom you will find a section called “User Profile Properties”.

Click Add profile property link
Provide the name and display name value. For instance “Division”
Specify the length for this field. I use 255 as field length.
In policy setting

Select “Everyone” in Default Privacy setting.So that this field will be visible to you colleague as well :)

In the Property Import Mapping

Select the field that you want to bind with Active Directory field.
In my case the field was not there so I wrote “description” in the textbox.
Now click OK. Your profile property is created J

Now RUN full import of user profile. When user profile is filled, select any user and check that filled.

After creating this property I will not be available for search L to make it you have to map with index or managed property.

To create or map a Managed property, follow these steps

Go to SharedServices site
Go to Search Settings
Click Metadata property mappings
Click New Managed Property at the top
Provide the property name. For instance “Division”
In the Mapping to Crawled properties, add your desired property
If you unable to find it, just type the name of your field and click find, you will find entry/ies like People:Division(text)
Select that field
Click OK

Now indexed/managed property is created.
Now RUN full content crawling. After this you just have to add the column name in “People Search Core Results” Selected Columns property webpart.

Now you can search people with the division Like division:"Software" in the search textbox


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